Flour Recipes




All purpose flour 2 Cups

Salt – 1/4 teaspoon (adjust as per taste)

Oil- 1 Tablespoon + for deep fry

Water- To knead the dough


Mix all the above ingredients (except oil for deep fry) well and form a soft dough by slowly adding water. Then make the dough into small balls. Now take one ball,dust the working surface with all purpose flour and roll it to  puri size.

Heat oil and once oil is hot enough, place the puri and press it with back of the spatula so that the puri will rise more. Flip other side and remove when puri turns golden brown color. Serve soft and puffy puri with chicken or Dal or Bombay Chuntey.

Puri with Chicken Curry


Do not cover puris with lid, because puris may stick together.

Use all purpose flour to make puris instead of wheat flour, because puris will be very tasty if you use all purpose flour.