Dairy & Milk Recipes

American Pancakes

Here is another quick, easy and famous PanCake recipe:


Maida or All purpose flour- 1 Cup

Milk- 3/4th Cup

Salt-1/4 Teaspoon

Sugar-2 Table Spoons

Baking Powder-11/2 Teaspoon



Whisk 1 complete egg and milk in a bowl.

Take another bowl and mix all dry ingredients (sugar, salt, baking powder,flour) nicely. Then pour the egg and milk batter into it and mix well (do not over mix) without lumps. (If you have small lumps also it works fine). The batter consistency will be  thicker than Dosa/ Idli batter consistency. At this point, if you need a little bit of water you can add.

Heat pan (prefer Chapathi pan/ Non stick pan) , apply some oil on pan and pour ladle full of batter on pan. Do not spread it because the pancakes will be thicker than Uthappam. Keep stove in medium flame. And When the pancake turns golden brown flip other side carefully, drizzle some oil along the edges and let it cook till it turns to golden brown. Honey or Jam gives a great combination with these Pancakes.