About Me

Hi everyone… I’m Sumalatha, a food lover, working as software engineer in Kuwait along with my husband, Sreedhar who encouraged me to start this blog.  I’m an Indian from Andhra Pradesh, so you will find the flavor of Andhra and spiciness of India in my recipes.

The main reason behind the creation of this blog is my curiosity and creativity towards cooking.  All the recipes in this blog have a special flavor of my style. I learned cooking from my mother so I am dedicating this blog to my mother. This blog includes cooking recipes from scratch so I hope this blog encourages a lot of cooking beginners. I heard some where that eat half of the food with eyes and half of the food with mouth which means that make food not only tasty but also serve it in a best manner. So I am trying to present this blog as best as i can.

I believe in the fact that anyone can cook. So be creative and try these recipes, see the joy of cooking, and share your results. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Terms & Policies:

Do not post any spam or irrelevant or rude comments. Such kind of comments will be taken to serious consideration.

 All the images and content of this blog is copyright protected. So modifying/ copying or using the content of this blog without permission is strictly prohibited.

 For any queries please send an email to sumaspicebox@gmail.com.

Thank You for visiting SumaSpicebox. Have a healthy and great meal….

With Best Wishes ,

Sumalatha sreedhar//


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