Chapati or Indian flatbread



Wheat flour 2 Cups

All purpose flour 1/2 Cup

Salt – 1/4 teaspoon (adjust as per taste)

Oil- 1 Tablespoon + to drizzle some oil on chapati

Water- To knead the dough


Mix all the above ingredients well and form a soft dough by slowly adding water. Then make the dough into medium-sized balls. Now take one ball,dust the working surface with all purpose flour and roll it to puri size. Then add 3-4 drops of oil, spread it and fold the chapati twice to form triangle.  Then roll it like thin chapati by dusting the working surface as and when required so that chapati will not stick to the working surface.

Heat chapati pan or Iron Tawa and once it is hot enough place chapati. As soon it starts to show bubbles flip other side, keep stove in medium heat. Now is the best time to drizzle some oil on chapati, becuase at this time if we drizzle some oil then it will rise more. When chapati starts to rise flip other side and drizzle oil on this side. Keep flipping till chapati gets golden brown color.

Serve hot chapatis with any curry of your choice especially paneer curries.


Adding oil to the flour helps to rise chapati. If you add oil you can make soft chapatis immediately.


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