I feel the first lesson in cooking is to learn how to make tea because most of the people starts their day with Tea. For many people it is impossible to start a day without having tea. There are many versions of teas. The one which i am giving here is the basic tea.


How to make Tea – The ancient beverage:


Milk- 1 1/2 Cup

Water- 3/4th Cup

Sugar- 1 TableSpoon (adjust as per your taste)

Tea Powder- 1 TableSpoon (as per your taste)

Serves: 2 people


Pour Water into Tea pot and boil.

Now add tea powder according to number of cups and let it simmer for a minute. Take one tablespoon per cup. Since this serves two people add 2 table spoons of tea powder to the boiling water. If you want the tea to be strong then add more powder. But don’t add too much tea powder because Tea may give bitter taste if you add more tea powder.

Add milk and 2 tablespoons of sugar and boil it till it comes to nice color (desired color) and gives nice aroma. Do not over boil Tea because Tea may give bitter taste.

Switch of the stove and pour tea into cups. Serve hot and get relaxed.


Avoid boiling tea over and over again. It spoils the flavour and is not healthy habit instead make tea and store in a kettle or thermos.

To make your tea spicy, You can add ginger peel or 3 to 4 thin 1/2 inch ginger slices after adding tea powder.


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